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Frequently asked Questions Answered


We receive many inquiries about the purchase of our websites.  Well, we don't particularly want to sell any. They're great sites and names, and they are owned, funded, operated and developed by a number of people and companies. It would take some work, so the price would have to make it worth our while.

Steve Tanner writes in the March 22, 2002 edition of the Silicon Valley Business Ink: "The secondary market for domain names has held much steadier than Wall Street over the last few years, with an average selling price in the five-figure range, according to Cheryl Regan, spokeswoman for secondary domain name marketplace [Article Archived]". According to a December, 2003 article by CNN, "Domain names once again fetch top dollar". Bob Sullivan writes in MSNBC on July, 2004, "In the biggest-ticket domain name sale in years, a small Austin marketing firm has paid $2.75 million for Despite the rocky history of high-priced domain sales, participants say it was a fair price, and the sale may signal a new gold rush for Internet address speculators. More..." And those prices, of course, do not include the programming and site design along with ours. So we don't really expect to sell them.


... if you're interested in one of these sites, we have an alternative suggestion for you. Let us build a site for you, and try a third-level name. For instance, if you're a party group in LA, you could have we'd be happy to assign the name and all its sub-domains to you. If you're interested, just give us a call.

Not all names are available - we use some internally. For the technically minded, what we're offering is either a DNS CNAME alias of one hostname to another hostname, or a DNS NS record that delegates an entire sub-domain to another name server.